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GoboLinux tüm dosya sistemi düzenini baştan tanımlayan bir Linux dağıtımıdır.
GoboLinux'ta bir paket yöneticisine ihtiyacınız yok, çünkü dosya sistemi paket yöneticisinin kendisidir: her program kendi dizininde bulunur, mesela /Programs/Xorg-Lib/7.4 ya da /Programs/KDE-Libs/4.2.0. Beğendiniz mi? Daha fazla bilgi...

Announcement: GoboLinux 016 beta

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

The second preview of GoboLinux 016 for x86-64 is out! Thanks to your feedback, we have made this snapshot more smooth and robust. The improvements since 016 alpha include better hardware support, enhancements to the GoboLinux tools, packaging fixes and more.

The Torrent link to the ISO is here. As before, we appreciate your testing of 016 beta. Let us know how it goes!

• 2016-11-08 19:22
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GoboLinux 016 alpha is available

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

We are happy to announce the first preview of GoboLinux 016, the distro's first 64-bit release since its creation back in 2002. Some of the highlights include:

We have worked hard to ensure it runs smoothly on a variety of machines, but given the architecture switch it is possible that we forgot something. We will collect reports from you for a few weeks before rolling a new snapshot of what'll soon become 016 final.

Here's the Torrent link. We hope you enjoy it!

• 2016-10-10 06:33
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The GoboLinux wiki is back!

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

After a long downtime, the GoboLinux wiki is back! As part of our move to the GitHub infrastructure, we have imported the contents of the old MediaWiki installation into the wiki feature of GitHub. The material is now available (and editable!) at the wiki for the Documentation repository. While there is plenty of useful stuff there, there is also lots of material that are currently outdated. Help cleaning it up is most welcome — it's a wiki, so join in!

• 2016-08-06 12:10
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Next release in the works

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

The next release of GoboLinux is under active development. As in the last release, we are using GoboALFS, a collection of build scripts based on Automated Linux From Scratch and our own Compile recipes tree. The main focus of this next release is designing a very lean core system with updated packages, including 64-bit support.

• 2016-07-31 13:34
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Repositories converted to Git

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

Ten years of commits, from CVS, to Subversion, and now to Git: we're happy to announce

The entire history of commits has been preserved. We tried our best to convert tags, but due to inconsistencies in the format of the tags/ repository over time (perhaps due to CVS→Subversion conversions), not all were saved. Still, most recent releases for Scripts and Compile are properly tagged, though.

There is still work to do: the scripts themselves still need to be converted to point to the new infrastructure. The GitHub repositories will be also cloned at the infrastructure as a backup, but primary development should happen there. Yes, that means pull requests are welcome!

• 2015-02-27 16:58
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New mirrors in Germany, France and the US

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

We're happy to announce the availability of new mirrors of our latest release. Thanks to Pierre Dennert of, the ISO file of GoboLinux 015 is now available from Germany and France. Thanks also to Viola Zoltán of for hosting the ISO in the United States. Mirror download links are available in our downloads page!

• 2014-08-17 12:04
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A video of the GoboLinux 015 installation and desktop

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

Portuguese blogger Marcelo Salvador of RibaLinux posted a nice video showcasing the GoboLinux 015 installation and desktop. Check it out! He runs the installer and graphic desktop through a virtual machine, as a window inside another distro, so we recommend enabling full-screen and HD when watching.

• 2014-05-21 12:49
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GoboLinux 015 announcement presentation - slides and video

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

GoboLinux 015 was officially announced in a presentation by Lucas Correia Villa Real at FISL 15, the fifteenth International Forum on Free Software, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The slides in English are available here and the video in Portuguese is available in the FISL website.

• 2014-05-09 09:49
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Introducing GoboLinux 015

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

We are pleased to introduce GoboLinux 015, the new major release of GoboLinux, the Linux distribution featuring a rethought file system structure. This is the first full-system image release in a number of years, after a long period in which we kept only updating compilation recipes. Packages were built using both ALFS (Automated Linux from Scratch) and our custom dynamically-generated sandboxed environment which insulates the source code and its dependencies during compilation. Major upgrades include the Enlightenment 18 desktop and kernel version 3.14.2, as well as new versions of the GoboLinux management tools. Please check the Release Notes for details and download instructions.

• 2014-05-07 20:02
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GoboLinux 015 beta-3

Bu haber için henüz bir çeviri yok. Çevirisi olanları bekleriz!

We are pleased to announce the release of GoboLinux 015 beta3. We have had several updates on this snapshot that include changes to the desktop environment: for the first time, we're shipping the ISO with Enlightenment as a default desktop.

We have also completed the transition from /System/Links to /System/Index.

This snapshot also introduces a number of new packages that should enrich the desktop experience. We have fixed all issues that have been reported since beta2 and worked hard to make this release as polished and close to final as possible.

The ISO can be downloaded here:


MD5: f92142ed5fcabb8a08584f8dfcc93fdd

Please test it and give us your feedback. You can always reach us on the mailing lists or at the #gobolinux channel on!

• 2014-04-21 07:43
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Şu anki sürüm: 015. Bu, isterseniz sabit diskinize de kurabileceğiniz bir Canlı DVD. Ona bir şans verin!

Yansı listemize bir göz atın..


GoboLinux alıştığınız diğer Linux dağıtımlarından oldukça farklı olduğundan, daha fazla bilgi edinmek iyi bir fikir olabilir...



GoboLinux topluluğunun yoğunlaştığı yerler:

] kullanıcı posta listesi (kayıtlar, arama), kullanıcı ve geliştiricilerin konuştuğu ve birbirlerine yardım ettiği yer;
] geliştirici posta listesi (kayıtlar, arama), geliştirmelerin gerçekleştiği yer;
] kullanıcı forumu, kullanıcı tartışmaları için;
] GoboLinux Bilgi Merkezi, topluluk vikimiz;
] hata izleyici, sorunlarınızı bildirebileceğiniz yer;
] GoboLog - fikirlerin hayata geçtiği geliştirici günlüğü

Ayrıca bize, #gobolinux'ta katılabilirsiniz.


En yeni tarifler

] ALSA-Utils 1.1.2-r2
] BootScripts 016-r3
] Sudo 1.8.18p1-r1
] Gimp 2.8.18-r4
] EnhancedSkel 016-r2
] Installer 016-r4
] LiveCD 016-r3
] ConfigTools 016-r3
] PIP 9.0.1-r2
] V4L-Utils 1.10.1-r1

Tarifler, Compile aracı tarafından kullanılan, kaynak kodu derleme betikleridir. Daha fazla tarif...

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Ekran Görüntüleri

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