GoboLinux ダウンロードドキュメンテーションコミュニティレシピパッケージスクリーンショット

GoboLinuxは全体のファイルシステム階層構造を再定義する代替の リナックス分配です。 GoboLinuxでは、ファイルシステムがパッケージマネージャであるので
パッケージマネージャを必要としません。 各プログラムは自身のディレクトリを持っています。
例えば: /Programs/Xorg-Lib/7.4 と /Programs/KDE-Libs/4.2.0

GoboLinux 015 beta-3

まだこの新聞記事項目に利用可能などんな翻訳もありません。 貢献を歓迎します!

We are pleased to announce the release of GoboLinux 015 beta3. We have had several updates on this snapshot that include changes to the desktop environment: for the first time, we're shipping the ISO with Enlightenment as a default desktop.

We have also completed the transition from /System/Links to /System/Index.

This snapshot also introduces a number of new packages that should enrich the desktop experience. We have fixed all issues that have been reported since beta2 and worked hard to make this release as polished and close to final as possible.

The ISO can be downloaded here:


MD5: f92142ed5fcabb8a08584f8dfcc93fdd

Please test it and give us your feedback. You can always reach us on the mailing lists or at the #gobolinux channel on irc.freenode.net!

2014-04-21 07:43
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GoboLinux 015 beta-2

まだこの新聞記事項目に利用可能などんな翻訳もありません。 貢献を歓迎します!

The second beta of GoboLinux 015 is out! For the full announcement and download links click here.

2014-04-07 22:36
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GoboLinux 015 beta

まだこの新聞記事項目に利用可能などんな翻訳もありません。 貢献を歓迎します!

Carnival means serious business for us! We have just released GoboLinux 015 beta, which comes with substantial improvements over the alpha snapshot. The full announcement and details on how to download the ISO are available here .

2014-03-05 04:21
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GoboLinux 015 alpha

まだこの新聞記事項目に利用可能などんな翻訳もありません。 貢献を歓迎します!

After a long hiatus, we are happy to announce that we are working towards a new release of GoboLinux. An alpha version of GoboLinux 015 has been released Today and users are welcome to try it and report their experience with the LiveDVD to let us further improve it. The announcement (which includes links to download the ISO) can be seen here.

2014-01-21 18:30
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Announcing GoboWing: GoboLinux for Cygwin

まだこの新聞記事項目に利用可能などんな翻訳もありません。 貢献を歓迎します!

Fabio Mierlo announced today a new project called GoboWing. It is a port of the GoboLinux tools to Cygwin, allowing them to be used on top of Windows. It is currently based on Rootless and aims to become a full Gobo-ified Cygwin distro. The first public release is GoboWing 0.0.4 and it is now available -- the installation instructions guide you through the installation of Cygwin and the application of the GoboWing modifications.

2010-04-01 20:08
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Gobolinux.org back up

まだこの新聞記事項目に利用可能などんな翻訳もありません。 貢献を歓迎します!

The main gobolinux.org website is now back up, after being taken down for inspection once a security breach was detected. All main services provided by the website should be up again by now, except for a few administrative features. Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks to everyone who worked on getting things back on track. If anything is still broken, be sure to let us know through the mailing lists.

2009-03-09 06:31
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Status update and we got a blog!

まだこの新聞記事項目に利用可能などんな翻訳もありません。 貢献を歓迎します!

It has been a while since last news post, but that doesn't mean that development has stopped or even stagnated. A lot has happened under the surface and those that follow mailing lists, forums, hang out in IRC or just subscribe to the recipe RSS feed can see that we have not been lazy. What can be said is that we could use more manpower to move faster, because there is no lack of ideas or goals within the project. Besides that our tools are always evolving, we now have a simple but powerful use flag implementation and with a new simpler recipe API coming in next release, our package/recipe repository is continuously growing and is kept up to date, with for example KDE 4.2.0 and GCC 4.3.3.

To get more continuity in our communication and to get better information flow to our users and fans we have finally started a blog. Here we will make small (and sometimes big) notes, that do not warrant their own news post, about what is currently happening within development of GoboLinux.

And stay tuned for a new release of Scripts and Compile soon...

2009-02-07 05:04
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Zoltán Violaさんからgobolinux.info(ハンガリーの新しいGoboLinuxサイト)を知らせるため連絡が来ました。
ハンガリー語を話す方に下記のリンクでZoltán Violaさんで書かれた無料E-Book(PDF形式)を入手可能です。

2008-05-29 07:48
(ja_JP: keisangi - 2008-11-09 11:52)


■ Use flags
■ Fuse版のUnion Filesystem
■ LZMA/7Zで圧縮サポート
■ ヒントシステム(存在しないコマンドが入力されたら報告)
■ MercurialとBazaarリポジトリサポート
■ Cabalパッケージサポート
■ レシピ(GoboLinuxのビルドシステム)寄与を掲載しやすくなるための機能

'InstallPackage Scripts 2.9.0'
'InstallPackage Compile 1.11.0'

2008-05-05 09:58
(ja_JP: keisangi - 2008-11-09 11:29)


Hisham Muhammad、GoboLinuxチームの開発者はhardware.noサイトのRobin Heggelund Hansenさんからインタビューされました。 (hardware.noはノルウェーのIT関係サイト) 記事は下記のリンクで読めます。

2008-04-24 13:09
(ja_JP: keisangi - 2008-11-09 11:02)