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The packages repository can be easily mirrored using rsync:


If you have a new mirror and want to make it available to the GoboLinux community, please report your mirror to our users list (gobolinux-users at lists dot gobolinux dot org), and we will add it to the list above.

The recipes repository also has a rsync source:


Packages mini-FAQ

Occasionally I get library errors. What are the compatibility issues between packages?

Let's start with some contextualization. Different versions of GCC often have, at least for the C++ programming language, incompatible binary interfaces. This means that a program compiled on a GCC 3.x environment will only work if all of its support libraries were also compiled in this environment.

In GoboLinux you can easily maintain old and new libraries side by side. So, for example, if a binary requires an older version of LibPNG, you can keep both /Programs/LibPNG/1.2.5 and /Programs/LibPNG/1.2.6 in your system. For the special case of the C++ libraries, we ship special LibStdC++ packages containing only the needed libraries, so you don't need to keep multiple versions of GCC around (and thus, save space).

Package XYZ version ABC is missing.

That's because nobody compiled it yet. Development of packages is steered basically by the demands of the community (and by their participation, see the "contrib" repository). Unfortunately we don't have a huge team dedicated to the task of compiling and updating packages, so we mostly compile programs as we need it. You are welcome to compile the programs you need yourself and contribute it back to the project.

Ok, so how do I submit a package?

Upload it to a web or FTP site and send the link to André Detsch at "detsch at gobolinux dot org". He will copy the package to our 'contrib' directory and send you an acknowledgement/thank-you email.