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Get GoboLinux

GoboLinux is available as an ISO CD image. You can check out GoboLinux using this live CD, that contains a runnable system (with KDE, OpenOffice, etc) and an installation wizard.

The Live CD is also customizable, allowing you to make a version containing your own selection of packages.

Development snapshot for GoboLinux 015

For the process of stabilizing the GoboLinux 015 ISO and get it ready for release, we are now starting a series of development snapshots. The idea is to make it easier for people to see where we're at now, and to make it easier for people willing to help in testing out the release to "jump in" and get it to a state real close to where the live development is.

This is the latest snapshot:

Here is the full announcement, including known issues on this release.

All feedback is greatly welcome. Please give it a spin and report any problems in the bug tracker.

GoboLinux 014.01

Stable version for i686, 672 MB, MD5

Please read the release notes for more information about this build.

Rsync server

Continuously being updated with the latest development and stable ISOs

  • rsync iso.gobolinux.org::gobolinux-iso - thanks to Nick Matteo

Rootless GoboLinux

The "rootless" package allows for building a mini-GoboLinux directory hierarchy inside your $HOME. Very useful for non-root users or GoboLinux addicts trapped inside some other distribution. More on Rootless...